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Welcome to the RENCI Wiki, maintained by the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Support (ACIS) Team, which is the IT group within RENCI.

This wiki contains user-facing documentation of ACIS-managed services. Content is restricted to users with RENCI credentials.

Email to generate a support ticket. Please see the wiki page for how to write an effective support ticket.


CentOS 7 Deprecation

In early 2024, the operating system CentOS 7 will no longer receive updates. RENCI used CentOS 7 for all virtual machines created before 2021. Running unsupported operating systems is not allowed by the UNC Information Security Controls Standard. All CentOS 7 VMs need to be either rebuilt as RHEL 9, decommissioned, or migrated elsewhere such as Sterling as soon as possible. ACIS is happy to help you with planning these upgrades via

For more information, see CentOS 7 Deprecation.